Innovative approach to CEO recruitment

Youth Cymru is leading the way to replace their Chief Executive Officer in an innovative approach to leadership by appointing not one but two to job share as Joint Chief Executive Officers, Julia Griffiths, and Melanie Ryan.  Youth Cymru has responded to a need to recruit a new CEO by appointing their existing Joint Acting CEOs to take up the post on a job share basis.

As part of the value they place on participatory leadership, empowerment of women and flexible working Youth Cymru have appointed Julia Griffiths and Mel Ryan as Joint CEO. Having shared the role in an acting capacity for several months the Board of Trustees are happy to approve the appointment of Julia and Mel promoting them into the role.

Emma Chivers the chair of Youth Cymru Board of Trustees said “The Board of Trustees was more than happy to endorse this proposal, and we believe we are getting the best for Youth Cymru. Julia and Mel have great enthusiasm commitment and expertise that they bring to the role, the unique combination of their skills places Youth Cymru in a strong position for moving forward into 2019 and beyond.”

Julia has worked for Youth Cymru since 2010 in a number of roles including leading on training, funding, and quality as well as having roles in Youth Justice, Alternative Curriculum, FE and HE in the past. She said, “I value working collaboratively with Mel in our joint role, our work is based on respect and engagement, which we believe will ensure real development and growth for Youth Cymru; enabling our work to continue to benefit the lives of young people in Wales into the future.”

Mel has over 20 years of experience of working in a youth and community context, having had roles in Training, Youth Work and Community Focused Schools. She said; “I am excited to be sharing the role with Julia and look forward to continuing our successful and unique partnership. I am also looking forward to working alongside Julia to further enhance youth opportunities in Wales.”

As a leading youth work charity in Wales Youth Cymru bases it work on enabling the full participation of young people; applying this approach to its workforce will ensures that all key stakeholders in the evolution of the organisation are enabled through co-operation and partnerships to ensure Youth Cymru works innovatively and creatively for the benefit of young people and the community in Wales.

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